Haneda International Airport brings additional excitement to your travel. It’ll be more convenient in spring of 2020!

What’s Haneda Airport like?

Haneda Airport located in Tokyo has changed dramatically after the international terminal opened in 2010.

It recorded about 8,700 yearly passengers, ranking 5th in the world.

The airport was so comfortable that it ranked second in “The world best airports of 2019” announced in March 2019 by Skytrax: a United Kingdom–based airline and airport service research company.

Haneda airport achieved “World’s Best Domestic Airport”, “World’s Best PRM / Accessible Facilities” and “World’s Cleanest Airport”.

Many selected restaurants are brought together in the world’s cleanest airport building;  some interesting events like rice-cake making, throwing dried soy beans and Oiran parade attract many people who come there just for sightseeing.

Especially Haneda international airport is like “Tiny Tokyo” or Tokyo theme park where you can experience short time Tokyo sightseeing.

This article will introduce some attraction of Tiny Tokyo: Haneda International Airport terminal.

Entertainment area built in the style and spirit of old Tokyo



Haneda international terminal is like a film set of the Edo town: Tokyo downtown 200 years ago.

Edokoji is located on the 4th floor is like a kabuki theater, decorated by many red Japanese lanterns and seasonal ornaments.


手ぬぐいと和雑貨のお店 (株)京佑(@kyoyu.jp)がシェアした投稿

In Edokoji, you can try almost all popular Japanese food such as sushi, soba, deep-fried skewers, deep-fried breaded pork, izakaya, Japanese barbecue, udon, ramen, sukiyaki, Japanese pot-au-feu, tea on rice, eel, tempura, beef bowl and green tea sweets café.

Especially green tea sweets café, “Saryo Itoen”, is an open style café where you can see the departure hall below; The café is decorated by some instagramable red Japanese umbrellas which enhance the mood of Edo style.



On the 4th floor of the same food area, you can find some restaurants which serve Western food if you prefer the likes.

Still on the same floor, Haneda Nihonbashi Bridge, a beautiful Japanese style bridge, connects the 4th floor to the 5th floor.

The sumptuous bridge is made of Japanese cypress. And the golden landscape painting of the Edo era on the wall.



When you cross the bridge, you can see “Festival Plaza”.

You can find a traditional tower which is painted beautiful picture and decorated by Japanese lanterns.



In Festival Plaza, some small events are held sometimes.

In the corner, you can see a vending machine of wish cards designed like boarding pass which you can use as a decoration.

In Japan we observe writing wishes on the cards and hanging it as a tradition and believing for it come true. So why don’t you try and see for yourself?

TOKYO POP TOWN where anyone can enjoy.

On the 5th floor of the international terminal building, there is “TOKYO POP TOWN”.

If you want to buy character goods from Japan, I recommend Hello Kitty Japan, CHARACTER SHOP HAIKARA and TOY PARK.

Especially in TOY PARK, there is about 50m slot car circuit where both adults and kids get hooked.

You can enjoy by just looking at but it’s more fun to join the race at 200 yen.

TOY PARK is a shop where you can find world’s miniature airplanes; it’s an enjoyable spot to see around.

TIAT Sky Road where you can experience a pilot.



There are 4 simulators which older than elementary school students can enojoy. There are 3 levels namely beginner intermediate and advanced.

The simulator shaped like a big toy airplane is for beginners, the easiest one.

The other 2 simulators next to the beginner one is for beginners, intermediate and advanced; The innermost one has a motion simulator only for intermediate and advanced level.



The motion simulator is for children aging 10 years above; this one is at 300 yen and others are at 200 yen for 5 minutes.

TIAT Sky Road is located at the farthest of the 5th floor so it’s not mostly crowded. You don’t have to worry being watched.

Observation Decks which opens 24 hours



“Observation Deck” is located behind “TOKYO POP TOWN” on the 5th floor.

It opens 24 hours; you will not only see view at night but also witness sunrise from the east side.

There is a digital signage which shows tail unit designs, airline companies and destinations so you can spend all day just looking at them.

You will also see the simbolic Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree not only that but alco the view of Kawasaki factory area at night.

If the weather is fine, you can see the infamous Mount Fuji.

There is no place but Haneda Airport to be the best spot to see Mount Fuji, so if you haven’t seen it, you should head there if the weather permits.

“Haneda Airport Garden” will be opened in spring of 2020!

Haneda Airport International Terminal : Tiny Tokyo is a little sightseeing area where many interesting and instagrammable spots gather.

When you go there, I recommend walking around the 4th and the 5th floor without just staying only in the lounge.

 “Haneda Airport Garden” which connects the international terminal will be opened in spring of 2020.

It’s a huge project which includes one of the biggest airport hotels in Japan, a big bus terminal, about 30 restaurants and commercial facility.

Especially open-air hot spring bath where you can see Mount Fuji, takeoff and landing is the hottest topic.

The hot spring is about 2,392 square yards (2,000 square meters) ; It’s not only for staying guests so anyone can enter there.

The charge price and details haven’t announced yet so I’ll update after Haneda Airport Garden opens!

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